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The Friends of the DIC need your help in updating their logo. If you would like to submit an idea for a new logo it must be received by January 2, 2018. The new logo will be used in the newsletter and friend’s stationary. A committee of four will select the logo. The winner will receive a gift. You may submit your entry by turning it into the COA or at the December 13th friend’s meeting. return to home page

The Friends of the Drop In Center meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th at 12:30 PM. Agenda items include planning the next event. return to home page

Friends Of The Drop In Center

The Friends of the D.I.C. (Drop In Center) is a non-profit incorporated organization. The Friends have been incorporated since 1979 and have a membership of over 200 seniors.

The purpose of the Friends Organization is to raise funds to help supplement special programs, senior trips, luncheons, and items for the Council on Aging department. The Friends also help supplement the COA's newsletter mailing once a month. Volunteers help with a variety of different tasks some of which include folding, and labeling of over 1700 newsletters monthly. Volunteers help with their annual Holiday Fair in October and Bake Sales twice yearly.

The Friends are made up of a board of directors including a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Meetings are held the first Weds. Of every month. Members discuss and vote on a variety of issues during these meetings.

In the past the Friends Organization has been very generous in helping with purchasing tables and chairs for the Senior Center, equipment for the kitchen, and adding cabinets in the lunchroom. The Friends Organization is a vital part of the functioning of the COA.

To become a member, please sign-up at the COA. Dues are $5 per year. As a member you are entitled to discounts on trips, luncheons and special programming that are sponsored by the Friends. Donations are always welcome and are used for worthwhile purposes. Contact the COA at 508-261-7368.

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